EXCLUSIVE – The Japanese Way

You can now pre-order your copy of a FREE new e-book from DemolitionNews.

Regular readers will be aware that DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony recently took part in the European Demolition Association Study Tour to Japan as a guest of global construction equipment giant Caterpillar and its UK dealer Finning UK.

That visit proved to be so enlightening, educational, inspirational and illuminating that we have already written articles, produced videos and broadcast a dedicated audio podcast from the trip.

And now, we have turned it into a new electronic book that will soon be free to download.

“In all my years as a demolition journalist, this was by far the most memorable and momentous visit I have ever made,” Mark Anthony says. “There is a massive cultural divide between Japan and the West and it was impossible not to embrace some of those differences and to be inspired. So I have written the book partly to remind myself and those that were lucky enough to attend just what the trip entailed, and also to show those that couldn’t make it just what they missed.”

The FREE e-book will be released in stages. DemolitionNews patrons will be the first to receive their copy, followed by DemolitionNews and Demolition magazine subscribers. The book will finally be added to the DemolitionNews website and made available to those that don’t currently subscribe.

However, you can pre-order the book NOW and be amongst the first in the world to receive a copy of The Japanese Way.

Just click here to pre-order.