We are the champions…!

DemolitionNews crowned News Publication 2019.

Those that follow us on social media might be aware that DemolitionNews was recently nominated for a BUILD Magazine award. Those awards are totally independent and the nomination process is anonymous, so it came as a huge surprise to us to learn that we had been nominated alongside some of the biggest names in the built environment publication world.

We are even more shocked today to learn that we weren’t just nominated. We actually won.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“…Here at BUILD Magazine we take pride in the fact that our victors are carefully selected through our extensive research and judging phase. As per all of our awards, each party is selected purely based on merit and not the amount of votes – making sure your win is well and truly earned.

Demolition News’s determination and dedication to the industry has reinforced our decision to list it as one of our esteemed awardees…”

DemolitionNews founder and editor Mark Anthony is delighted with the unexpected win. “DemolitionNews has a global reach but, in terms of magazines serving the construction and allied sectors, we are a relatively small, niche publication. It was an enormous and unexpected honour to have been nominated in the first place. But to have actually won is unbelievable,” he says. “The most pleasing aspect of this award is that it acknowledges our dedication to the industry. So myself and the entire team at our publishing partner Chambers Media are delighted to accept this award.”