Audio – Hitting a century…

Demolition News Radio broadcasts its 100th show with a focus on training.

At the beginning of August last year, we broadcast the first episode of the Demolition News Radio podcast. Today, we have broadcast our 100th episode and – as has become the norm of late – it pulls no punches.

The subject of the latest show is the apparent imbalance in the UK demolition training regime; the way in which the training of the many is controlled by the few; and the concerns of many that this situation could become worse if the National Demolition Training Group achieves its stated ambition to start its own independent card scheme.

You can listen to that show by hitting the play button down below.

By way of a change, the next episode – which will be broadcast on Tuesday next week – explains how I came to spend a day pursuing a stolen vehicle across the south of England with a former murder detective.