Councillor calls for end to tower blocks…

Birmingham could kiss goodbye to tower blocks if councillor gets his way.

If the Conservative Party are keen to secure the support of the likes of DSM, Coleman and Company, Armac and other Birmingham-based demolition contractors, they are going the right way about it.

According to a report on Birmingham Live, Conservatives will get rid of every single council-owned high rise tower in Birmingham if they win the May local election in what they call the biggest shake-up of housing for 70 years.

They say they will demolish or sell off every one of the council owned towers over ten years, replacing them with houses or low rise blocks in a bid to give every citizen a decent home.

Conservative leader Robert Alden said there had been multiple failures in city housing policy over many decades – including the lack of suitable housing in suburbs, too many family homes turned into houses of multiple occupation and too many families with children confined to high rise flats.

“Every resident of Birmingham deserves to live in a decent quality home,” he says. “Sadly too many tower blocks in this city are blighted by anti-social behaviour and litter.”
Currently 6,114 households living in Birmingham’s 213 tower blocks have children. The Conservatives say this is unacceptable and should be phased out as soon as possible.

Their policy will see the tower blocks gradually demolished with tenants offered places in new builds nearby to keep communities together – rather than force them to move to new parts of the city.

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