The plot thickens…

North West Region backs incumbent NFDC President.

Embattled NFDC President Paul Brown will return to the UK buoyed by the news that the members of the Federation’s North West Region have reportedly given him a vote of confidence in a hastily-arranged Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Ironically, the North West is the home region of KDC Contractors’ Martin O’Donnell, current NFDC vice president and the man in line to succeed Paul Brown as president.

Brown has been in Austin, Texas representing the National Federation of Demolition Contractors at the National Demolition Association convention. His presidency had been called into question as far back as November 2017; but pressure has mounted in the past week as the membership of the Federation prepares for a national EGM at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Other regions – most notably Scotland and the Midlands – have apparently voiced their support for Paul Brown, although neither has apparently done so formally.

Although discussion is focused on Brown’s presidency, many have suggested that this is merely symbolic and that the true cause for regional disquiet and division has been a gradual centralisation of power and an erosion of regional input and control.