Breaking News – President in peril…

Tenure of NFDC President hangs in the balance.

The reign of incumbent National Federation of Demolition Contractors’ president Paul Brown hangs in the balance today as battle lines are drawn between opposing factions within the Federation.

Some are seemingly eager for industry veteran Brown to step down at the Annual General Meeting later this month; while others are keen for him to remain in post for the remainder of his two-year presidency.

A series of “will he, won’t he” calls and discussions yesterday serve as an indication of the confusion surrounding Brown’s position. In the space of less than 15 minutes, DemolitionNews was told categorically that Brown was stepping down at the AGM on 23 March. We were then told categorically that he was planning to remain. A further phone call said that he was still considering his position and that no decision had yet been reached.

The Federation is scheduled to meet for an almost unprecedented Extraordinary General Meeting on 13 March at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre; and it was apparently hoped that Brown’s position would have been clarified before then.

Paul Brown has been in the US representing the Federation at the National Demolition Association’s annual convention. He returns to the UK with his future as NFDC president hanging in the balance.