Breaking News – NFDC calls EGM

Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled as Federation goes on defensive.

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors has called only the second Extraordinary General Meeting of its 75+ year history.

DemolitionNews understands that the EGM will take place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 13 March.

The precise reason for the meeting is not yet known; but it is probably no coincidence that it has been called in the immediate aftermath of what can only be viewed as a rival organisation in Scotland. Some members have suggested that the EGM is designed to unite the ranks and regions to stave off the threat from this new association.

Others have suggested that there is disquiet in some regions that senior officers have ridden rough-shod over constitutional rules and regulations.

But by far the most oft-repeated alleged reason for summoning the Federation’s rank and file to Birmingham’s NEC is an alleged attempt to oust the incumbent President – Paul Brown – ahead of the Annual General Meeting later in the month.