Video – He shoots, he scores…

New book teaches you how to shoot epic demolition film using your smartphone.

According to the old adage, the best camera is the one you have with you. And for most of us today, that means our smartphones.

Although the smartphone camera has given rise to things like pouty selfies, constant photos of celebrity breakfasts and revenge porn, these devices do – nevertheless – allow us to capture the demolition process like never before.

In fact, with just some basic knowledge and a few low-cost accessories, it is possible to make epic films that provide a unique insight into the demolition process and which can be used to help promote your demolition business.

Which is why we have written a new book entitled: Filming Demolition with a Smartphone

The book is available to buy from Amazon RIGHT NOW and it takes you through all the tricks and tips that we use to produce films like the one at the foot of this story which was shot ENTIRELY on an iPhone 6.

So grab your smartphone, grab a copy of our new book, and start shooting. Oh, and please be sure to send us a copy of your film as we’d love to feature it here on DemolitionNews.

You can order your copy of the book here.