Comment – The Internet NEVER Forgets…

Why it is sometimes best to let sleeping dogs lie when dealing with the media.

Back in my print media days, it was not unusual for us at Contract Journal to be required to print a retraction on a story that had caused upset or offence to an individual or a company.

Even with such a retraction, that story would generally be old news within a fortnight.

Not so in the age of the Internet. Articles published online today will live on forever, even if they are proved to be offensive, inaccurate or – in some cases – entirely false. And it is possible that a request for a retraction might, in fact, merely add fuel to the fire, providing the original story with even greater exposure.

In light of this – and with the notable exception of cases relating to libel or defamation of character – our advice to demolition companies on the receiving end of negative press has changed.

The following video explains more.