Video – Munmorrah boiler blast…

Liberty Industrial strikes again.

Two of Munmorah Power Station’s boilers were demolished today using controlled explosive demolition techniques.

The boilers are the largest demolished in Australia so far. They also represent the largest explosive demolition undertaken anywhere in Australia to date. Weighing in at 23,000 tonnes and 60 metres in height it is the heaviest structure to be demolished using explosives in Australia.

Contracted to carry out the demolition of the entire power station, specialist contractor Liberty Industrial used a controlled explosion to bring the boilers down. Following the successful demolition of the chimney stacks in March, the blast is the second of three explosive demolition events to be carried out during the course of the power station’s removal.

The demolition of the 60 metre high, 23,000 tonne boiler house was achieved utilising an engineered induced collapse technique. The process involves a carefully designed and calculated sequence of structural pre-weakening followed by the detonation of strategically placed explosives charges to collapse the structure in a predetermined direction. The technique was used to safely reduce the structure to suitable height for mechanical processing.

Liberty Industrial’s giant demolition excavator will be put to work processing the debris. The machine boasts the largest demolition shear anywhere in the world and will make light work of the large steel members associated with the heavy boilers.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill praised the project team for their efforts. “Another great result for this project. The detailed engineering and meticulous fashion in which these structures were prepared are testament to the calibre of our project team”.
Stephen Saladine, Managing Director of Generator Property Management said “The planning and execution for this activity is a credit to the team. The management of such an event is one that requires many individuals and we’re proud of the progress to-date, for an environmentally friendly outcome.”

One last explosive demolition event is planned for 2017 with the demolition of the remaining boiler house scheduled for September 2017. The removal of the power station is expected to be completed by September 2018.