Video Exclusive – Liberty fells twin stacks…

Munmorah Power Station stacks felled in controlled explosion.

Liberty Industrial has carried out the controlled explosive demolition of the Munmorah Power Station chimney stacks

The landmark chimney stacks at the former Munmorah Power Station are no longer standing. The 155m-tall stacks were demolished today using controlled explosive techniques. The demolition was carried out around 9:30am with the structures safely grounded in a matter of seconds.

Contracted by Generator Property Management to carry out the demolition of the entire power station, specialist contractor Liberty Industrial used controlled explosive demolition techniques to bring the redundant chimney stacks down.

The toppling of the chimney stacks is part of the broader Munmorah Power Station Removal project being carried out by Liberty Industrial and the demolition of the stacks marks a significant milestone in the works.

Demolition of the power station will continue and is expected to be completed by September 2018. Two further blast events are planned for 2017 with the explosive demolition of the power station’s boilers.