Video – China’s biggest blast…

Mammoth blast fells aluminium plant.

China’s largest blasting demolition project was completed successfully in the northwest Qinghai Province.

Two 180-meter high chimneys, four 70-meter high cooling towers and the main building of an electrolytic aluminum plant with a floor area of 22,000 square meters were demolished in a controlled implosion sequence.

The project has been extremely challenging, as the buildings to be demolished are of different structures, and its location were close to functioning production facilities, residential quarters and a major national highway.

Engineers made careful plans for the blast to ensure that the buildings would fall exactly to the designated spot to narrow down the affected area, and water bags were used to reduce the impacts of the blast on people’s life and surrounding environment.

Crews spent about two months, making preparation for the blast, conducting complicated calculations, choosing detonation spots and placing explosives.