Brazil battles to satisfy demolition demand…

The World Cup might be over but demolition work for the 2016 Olympic is still ongoing.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup is over. The Germans, predictably, are the World Champions; the Americans proved that they DO recognise more than one kind of football; Luis Suarez became the first player to require a muzzle; and – as is traditional – England returned home in ignominy and defeat.

And while the host nation’s hopes of glory were trampled under an unstoppable German onslaught in the semi-finals, the Brazilians proved that they are more than capable of hosting a global sporting event.

Which is just as well. For while the teams of the World Cup have long since waved goodbye to Rio and the other host cities, the Brazilian capital’s minds have already switched to the small matter of the 2016 Olympic Games that are scheduled to commence less than two years from now.

Against this background, demolition demand remains high as preparations gain momentum in the countdown to Rio 2016.

At the heart of that demolition demand is our good friend Fabio Bruno who is seemingly changing the Rio skyline and infrastructure network single-handed.

Fabio has very kindly sent us some spectacular video showing just some of the work taking place to ensure that Rio is ready.