They’re back…

New company emerges from embers of HCL demise.

Creditors left carrying the financial can following the collapse of HCL Equipment Contracts will be smarting this morning with the news that a replacement vehicle – Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd – is already up and running and operating from the same address.

According to a Companies House check, the director is David George Unwin, son of David Unwin – The man in the middle of the Gem of Tanzania scandal.

In a bizarre (or, possibly, well thought-out) twist, the company’s logo is oddly reminiscent of the brand used by Euro Dismantling Services prior to its untimely demise.

Equally unusual is the fact that none of the images of equipment on the company’s website – including one that looks as though it may have been shot in Japan – carry any form of corporate branding. Could these be stock shots?