Philly maintains unenviable safety record…

Two workers hurt in unplanned collapse.

Two workers were hurt while demolishing one of the City of Philadelphia’s most imminently dangerous buildings this morning in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. They were hit by falling debris from one of the adjoining buildings.

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. while the crew was starting the clean-up phase of demolition on a row home according to Scott Mulderig, who heads up the Emergency Services Division of the department of Licenses and Inspections.

Workers with Gama Wrecking Crew, which is an approved city contractor, said the demolition was going as planned when brownstone facings and bricks from the adjacent property collapsed onto them.

“We were taking a break and a piece of the brownstone up top fell,” said Gama Wrecking Crew worker Abu Harris. “When I turned around, both of them were on the ground.”

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