Loose lips stop ships…

Staten Island ferry evacuated over demolition “bomb” scare.

A concerned teenage tourist mistook a conversation between two demolition workers as a bomb threat on the Staten Island Ferry Wednesday afternoon, sparking an evacuation, according to police.

An NYPD spokesman said the 14-year-old boy overheard the workers talking about a demolition job they were working on, and when he heard the word “detonation,” he went to police and Department of Transportation officials.

That led authorities to cancel the 3 p.m. boat from Manhattan, the spokesman said.

A city Department of Transportation spokesman said Wednesday that no other boats were canceled, and service wasn’t further disrupted. DOT officials declined to comment about what had happened Wednesday, referring only to the incident as a “police action.”

According to the NYPD spokesman, police interviewed the construction workers, and verified that they were, in fact, talking about their job.

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