Exclusive Video – HSE Fee for Intervention…

As of 1 October 2012, when the inspector calls, the meter’s running.

On the first of October 2012, the UK’s health and safety landscape will change forever, and with it – possibly – the bank balances of demolition and construction companies across the country.

The Health and Safety Executive’s Fee for Intervention programme is a cost recovery scheme designed to cover the HSE’s costs by making transgressors pay – and pay handsomely – for breaches of health and safety law.

£124 per hour for an HSE inspector’s time and as much as £750 for a letter raised as a result of an intervention are just some of the likely charges.

With the financial axe about to fall, DemolitionNews (sponsored by Rammer) visited the Health and Safety Executive’s Bootle headquarters to meet Gordon MacDonald – the programme director behind the new scheme – to find out more.