How long can this madness go on…

Yet another tale of suicidal bid pricing from the US; this time a wastewater plant in Palm City.

We are beginning to suspect that someone has circulated a memo to US demolition contractors that advises them to abandon all common sense and business acumen during the current recession, and merely submit bid prices that verge on lunacy.

What other explanation can there be when a contract to demolish a wastewater plant (and is it only me that’s intrigued by the fact that the spokesman is a Mr J. Christ?) in Palm City, Florida with an estimated value of $200,000 has been won with a bid of just $60,000.

It’s true that President Obama’s much-vaunted stimulus package has yet to bear fruit among the demolition fraternity.   Buch such suicidal pricing is surely the worst kind of short-termism.   And it is likely that the low prices set to win much-needed work today will be expected by clients long after the cloud of recession has lifted.