Another Rusch monster…continued

More photos have just become available of the new Rusch Triple 34-25 in Norway.

We would never suggest that you, our loyal readers, are predictable. But there are two things guaranteed to be popular here on Demolition News: video of demolition gone bad; and video and photos of big machines.

Thankfully, unless our news sources have betrayed us, there’s currently no new footage of demolition gone awry so instead here’s some more details on the Rusch Triple 34-25 that is currently undergoing assembly and testing in Norway before it starts work eating decommissioned oil rigs for breakfast. This is quite a unique opportunity to see this extraordinary piece of machinery in use. Not even all the money from your savings accounts could afford one of these, so it is nice to be able to see one being used. You can think about what you’d like to see get demolished by it.

In addition, Rusch’ Ruud Schreijer has very kindly provided us with a diagram showing the working range of the latest beast to roll out of his company’s gates.

Genesis\' Dan Jacobson checks over the modified attachment
Genesis' Dan Jacobson checks over the modified attachment
Getting ready to eat oil rigs
Getting ready to eat oil rigs

Working Range Diagram