New Italian compact crushers…

The compact crusher bandwagon rolls on with two new Italian contenders.

Picture the scene. You are the marketing manager of an Italian equipment manufacturer that is just a few months away from launching a pair of new but as yet unnamed compact crushers. It is your job to think of an appropriate name that will convey power, durability, productivity, environmental benefits and green credentials.

Tough, isn’t it?

Which is probably why Guidetti chose instead to emphasise the “Italianness” of its new offering in the increasingly crowded track-mounted compact crusher market by calling them the Caesar 1 and Caesar 2. (Sorry, but since my name is Mark Anthony, I do feel honour-bound to give them just a slight stabbing).

Full specification details are available on the Guidetti website, but we can tell you that the Caesar 1 weighs in at 3.2 tonnes and offers a crusher throughput of 20 tonnes/hour while the larger 6.7 tonne Caesar 2 is said to produce 50 tonnes/hour.

You can see both new machines in action below: