Megastructures tonight (if you’re in the UK)…

Tonight’s episode of Megastructures looks at the demolition of the Sheraton Hotel in Miami.

We have set up all manner of fancy news feeds, monitor thousands of websites and RSS feeds, and regularly scour the Internet for new information to share with you. But it never ceases to amaze us just where we can draw information and inspiration from, and how unlikely some of those sources might be.

Take, for example, an email we received a few moments ago via Facebook, advising us that the TV programme Megastructures, (UK Channel 5 toight, at 8.00 pm) will be focusing upon the demolition of the Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel in Miami, Florida.

Now, with all our contacts and fancy news gathering resources, you might think this had come from a fellow demolition person. But no. Instead, it comes from the managing director of Indigo Showers, a bathroom shower company who, as far as we’re aware, has no personal link with the demolition sector whatsoever.

However, by way of a thank you, we’re suggesting that you swing by his website , particularly if you’re the type that is so hooked on your Blackberry that you have considered ways of using it in the shower. Here you will find showers that are not only equipped with telephones but radios and TVs too. And if you’re exceptionally keen on post-site cleanliness (or your Portaloo has run out of paper….again), please also check out their range of electronic bidets too.

Thinking about it, if we’d pre-ordered one of these shower TVs, we could actually watch Megastructures from there!