Demolition City champion crowned…

Demolition News has crowned its Demolition City World Champion.

It was a tough battle and one that those of us of a certain age (and with a proper job to worry about) stood no chance of winning. The Demolition City World Championships has drawn to a close and our clear winner is “Hicko” who achieved an all-conquering score of 1,523,385 (that compares to the Demolition News high score, after umpteen attempts, of a measly $269,034)

We don’t know who Hicko is, where he’s from, or how he managed such an incredible score (although we’re trying to find out on all three counts) but his win is certainly timely. Ever since we launched our competition, the Internet has been alive with video guides to the best score and now there’s even a hack that allows you to complete the game using less explosve charges, earning yet more money.

So congratulations Hicko; we hope you’ll wear your crown with pride.