Help us compile an implosion calendar…

Calling all explosives engineers; we want your help in producing a calendar of forthcoming implosions.

Implosion is probably the least-used method that demolition professionals have in their broad arsenal. And yet, judging by public demand and media appetite, it is also the most appealing aspect of what is still perceived by many to be a rough, tough and dirty business.

Here at Demolition News, we receive dozens of emails each month from TV production companies and researchers whose sole aim is to find the next implosion to film. We have explained the allure of high reach machines and the strategic beauty of a well-executed top down contract till we’re blue in the face. But they still want to see stuff “blown up”.

The problem is that we tend to hear about these implosions only AFTER they have taken place.

Now two things have prompted the next idea. Firstly, C&D Consultancy has taken the bold step of making public the dates and locations of the two implosions with which they will be involved in the coming months. And secondly, we had an email from the intriguingly-named Vlad, asking if we have a schedule of forthcoming implosions.

Now we’re aware that there IS a schedule at, but that is very US-specific.

And so we set to thinking. Could we compile our own Europe-wide list of forthcoming implosions? Well the answer is, we simply don’t know as the information for this will depend entirely upon you, our trusted readers.

We will gladly build an events calendar to display this information IF you are able to provide us with the raw data which, we believe, should comprise the following:

  • Contact Name (not for public display)
  • Contact email address/telephone number (not for public display)
  • Location of forthcoming implosion (town, city or project name)
  • Date of forthcoming implosion
  • Brief details on the structure to be imploded (see for an indication of the kind of information required).

If we can get this information together, we will gladly build an implosion schedule function into this website.

Oh, and just one more thing. Although we know that these implosions are not an everyday occurrence, they do provide the demolition industry to demonstrate its professionalism and commitment to safety to the general public and to gain some high profile coverage for individual contractors and explosives engineers. So please help us to help you raise your profile and the profile of this industry.