Nairobi’s sewer line houses face demolition…

Buildings constructed over sewer lines in residential areas face the possibility of demolition as the Athi Water Service board embarks on the expansion programme of the sewer infrastructure in Nairobi.

This follows implementation of the Nairobi River basin programme by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and other government agencies to restore Nairobi water basin.

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A sure sign of impending recession…

UK’s Doncaster council has spent almost £14m of taxpayers’ cash flattening a town housing estate which was sold to developers for just £1.1m.

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New Atlas Copco pulveriser…

Weighing 2,050 kg, the DP 2000 hydraulic demolition pulveriser attachment is designed for carriers in the 18 to 27 tonne weight class. It boasts 265 tonne maximum cutting force and 85 tonnes of crushing force at the jaw tip. Operating at a maximum pressure of 350 bar and accepting hydraulic flow of 30 litres/minute, the attachment uses a straight-jaw design that allows the jaws to open 30.7 inches wide. An advanced speed valve allows shorter opening and closing cycle times for increased production. For easier operation, the DP 2000 hydraulically rotates 360 degrees.

Time-lapse demolition

High-speed cameras capture some really stunning time-lapse footage of a bridge demolition project in Washington. The video is proving impossible to embed but you can view it by clicking here.

HSE calls for modernisation…

Health and Safety Executive chairperson Judith Hackitt has used her speech to the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) North of Scotland event in Aberdeen on 10 September 2008 to call for a modernisation of the UK’s health and safety practices.

A full transcript of the speech can be found here.

EDA appoints new secretariat…

The new EDA secretariat is headed by Henriette Thuen (centre) and is based in the Danish city of Copenhagen
The new EDA secretariat is headed by Henriette Thuen (centre) and is based in the Danish city of Copenhagen
D&Ri reports that the European Demolition Association has officially announced a change to its secretariat. The previous secretariat operated out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, while the new secretariat is located in Copenhagen. It will be headed up by Ms Henriette Thuen in the role of general manager.

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Asbestos delays Illinois demolition works…

The demolition of two dilapidated buildings in Homer, Illinois is on hold while village officials rewrite the bid specifications and allow contractors to update their bids. The lowest bid received for the work did not specify costs for removal of asbestos debris.

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UWC lands Phase II…

Universal Wrecking Corp., a premier demolition, scrap metal recycling and wrecking contractor that operates on a nationwide basis, was recently awarded the next phase of the demolition of a large manufacturing and warehousing facility in Pennsylvania.

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Glass Implosion at Mayfair hotel…

Large volumes of waste glass produced by the five-star Grosvenor Hotel in Mayfair, London will now be imploded onsite. The hotel, which can fill up to 20 x 660-litre bins with glass each day, wanted to use the imploder to reduce the volume. By doing this, the Marriott owned hotel has also been able to cut the number of waste transport vehicles it uses.
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Demolition News is Istanbul-bound…

Good news for all followers of Demolition News. We will be going to the European Demolition Association conference in Istanbul in November where we’ll be both presenting and reporting.

We’re also planning to capture the proceedings on video so even if you can’t make it to the Turkish captal for the event, you won’t miss any important discussions or announcements.

If you’d like to be there in person (and if you are, please say hi), please checkout the details here.