Israel to crack down on C&D waste…

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is working on an arrangement to transfer responsibility for hauling away construction and demolition (C&D) waste to the local authorities in the coming months.

At present, responsibility lies with the individual or contractor, a largely unsatisfactory situation because most C&D waste does not reach authorized sites, Uri Tal, the ministry’s coordinator of C&D waste treatment, told The Jerusalem Post this week.

Just 2 million of the 7.5 million tons of waste produced per year in Israel reach official sites, Tal said. Of that 2 million, 1 million is recycled and about another million is deposited in landfills.

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Memorial Bridge, phase II…

The Memorial Bridge in Bismarck, North Dakota is no more. Following a recent stage 1 implosion earlier this month, the second stage has just been completed (29 October). See the bridge fall below:

Ovaltine chimney implosion…

Despite protests and local community opinion, the former Ovaltine factory chimney finally disappeared from the Chicago skyline yesterday (29 October) in a controlled implosion.

2012 Olympic time lapse video…

Interesting time lapse video showing demolition works in progress at London 2012 Olympics site.

Fire delays bank implosion…

Crews from A&R Demolition working to prepare the West Texas Midland Savings Building for its pending implosion are expected back on scene this morning after a fire sparked in the elevator shaft Monday afternoon causing thick smoke to pour from the 13-story building as flames blazed inside.

The fire started at around 2:15 p.m. Monday at the corner of Colorado Street and Wall Street when hot slag from a cutting torch hit debris inside the elevator shaft, said Fire Marshal David Hickman. The smoke and flames continued flaring up until after 4:30 p.m.

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Empty rates relief climbdown…?

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Government is considering performing another tax U-turn, just weeks
after its humiliating climb-down over the 10p tax rate.

Growing evidence of the disastrous side effects of the removal of empty property rates relief on commercial buildings has led members of the Government to reveal privately they are already considering reintroducing the relief.

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Keltbray preparatory works at Willington…

UK contractor Keltbray has successfully completed works involving the dismantling and removal of concrete pack support structures at the former Willington A Cooling Tower in Derbyshire. One of five remaining towers, the 91 metre high structure measures some 66 metre diameter at the base.

A full report on this impressive contract is scheduled to appear in the Winter edition of Demolition & Dismantling magazine.

Terex latest to cut jobs…

Diversified mobile equipment manufacturer Terex has announced job cuts as it reported financial results for the third quarter of 2008. The results showed a US$ 2.2 million charge associated with reducing staff levels with further reductions pending.

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Profits plummet at Volvo Construction Equipment…

Volvo Construction Equipment has seen a steep decline in profit during the third quarter of 2008 despite growing sales by 2%.

Third quarter revenue just topped £1bn but profit dropped to £10.8m from £67.5m in the same period last year. Volvo puts this down to higher steel prices, a £24m cost of moving the motor grader business from the US to Canada and unfavorable currency fluctuations.

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Another ghost from Ground Zero removed…

The colossal cast-iron rings embedded in the eastern slurry wall at ground zero were — if such a thing can be imagined — the birthmark of the World Trade Center. They were the last visible remnant of the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad, a commuter line that New Jersey officials insisted in 1962 that the Port Authority take over, before they approved the trade center project in New York. The rings marked the railroad’s route into the old Hudson Terminal, whose location determined where the twin towers would be built, since the trade center was designed to incorporate a new terminal.

Read how these rings, together with the last vestiges of the World Trade Centre, have been dismantled here.