Low pricing story set to run…and run

Demolition of landmark “Big E” hotel latest to become embroiled in low pricing saga.

No sooner do we publish our article on the incredibly wide spread of pricing on the contract to take down the Texas Stadium than another high profile US demolition contract becomes the latest to show what appears to be scarily low pricing.

The “Big E” Executive Inn Rivermont in Kentucky, which once hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra, is earmarked for demolition and the contract has attracted interest from across the US. But while some bids have come in close to the $3 million mark, at least one bid has valued the job at less than half that amount.

The contract has yet to be let (although a decision is expected soon), but at a time when President Obama’s stimulus package funding is starting to percolate down to the country’s demolition contractors, this latest round of low bidding shows that the trend shows no signs of abating.

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