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Archive for 'The Holy Crap Files'

Video – Brush with death…

Only quick reactions saved this man. Less than a week after a woman was killed on a London street when a pallet of bricks fell from a tower crane, a man has had a narrow escape as a chunk of concrete flew from a London demolition site, missing him by inches. According to reports in […]

Video – Pray it falls the right way…

The latest addition to the Holy Crap Files is the stuff of health and safety nightmares. If you’re a health and safety professional, equipment operator, demolition worker or if you have a functioning brain, you might want to look away now. The video (below) from Taiwan is an object lesson in how risk assessments are […]

Video – China strikes again…

Chinese demolition crew wells our Holy Crap Files. When we set about creating our YouTube playlist – The Holy Crap Files – it was our intention to bring you a collection of some of the worst examples of demolition we could find from around the world. But we reckoned without the Chinese. With a demolition […]

Video – Cut down to size…

If your building is just a tad too tall, call this guy. “Stupid is as stupid does” according to philosopher Forrest Gump. Well, as our Holy Crap Files films continually prove, there is certainly some truth in that. How else to you explain this attempt to demolish a building from the middle? Seriously, what did […]

Video – When demolition goes sideways…

When you want a building to go left, sometimes it goes right. The Holy Crap Files – our collection of films from demolition’s darkside – has been swelled by another video, this time from the good ol’ US of A. All looks straightforward enough – Take down a building and allow it to fall into […]

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