Comment – Game Over

Why attempting to attract young people into the demolition and construction sector via comparisons to computer gaming is folly. There is no greater sign that a youth trend has peaked than when it is adopted by the mainstream. I was a teenager at the time but I distinctly remember watching as a children’s TV presenter…Read moreRead more

Comment – Start the Conversation

On World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, can we all take a moment for a chat? Do you ever look at the TV news and ask yourself “why are we still talking about this?” Why are we still talking about hunger and poverty in Third World countries? Why are we still talking about racial and gender…Read moreRead more

Comment – Someone else’s problem…

This time last week, I received an email from an MSc Building Surveying student from Kingston University who is currently writing her dissertation on “designing for ‘end-of-life’ of high-rise buildings in London”. She wanted to pick my brains on the subject; a process that could be completed in a matter of seconds. I explained that…Read moreRead more

Comment – Neither fish nor fowl

They are not hurt directly so their plight often goes unnoticed. But make no mistake. Accidents can have more than one victim. True story. Some years ago, someone I know was on their way to work in London. There had been torrential rain overnight, and the train station through which he was hurrying was puddled…Read moreRead more

Comment – Demolition’s problems encapsulated…

Don’t speak out about safety. It could cost you your job. It is widely known that multi-billion dollar technology companies like Google and Apple regularly employ the services of known computer hackers. Setting aside the “if you can’t beat them, employ them” ethos behind this, they do so for a very good reason. Computer hackers…Read moreRead more

Comment – Shooting ourselves in the foot…?

Industry veteran decries four-fold hike in training costs. Along with death and taxes, a skills shortage within the UK demolition and construction sectors is one of life’s great certainties. Now that the industry is returning to work full-time after the COVID-19 crisis, it is likely that we will once again find ourselves hampered and hamstrung…Read moreRead more

Comment – When death is too familiar

Did you know that modern cruise ships have on board a temporary morgue? It is not advertised in the glossy brochures advertising 5-star dining on the ocean wave whilst journeying effortlessly to far-flung destinations. And it is located way below decks. But trust me, they do. It makes sense, I guess. Given the average age…Read moreRead more

Comment – Only the good die young…

That old cliché – only the good die young – doesn’t hold water, does it? I know it’s a nice thing to trot out when a beloved friend or family member checks out prematurely; and if that phrase helps friends and family cope with their passing, then that is fine and dandy. But in practice,…Read moreRead more

Comment – Criminal injustice…

A digger driver has just been jailed for five years and four months after he went on a rampage through the reception of a newly-built hotel. According to the prosecution, John Manley caused more than £440,000 worth of damage when he drove a mini excavator through the hotel in Liverpool. If that was the full…Read moreRead more

Four years on…

Didcot – I will be silent out of respect; but I will be vocal out of anger and frustration. Earlier this week, I took a phone call from a researcher at a national radio station. “Hi Mark,” the researcher said. “Are you aware that this weekend marks the fourth anniversary of the Didcot disaster?” Am…Read moreRead more