Comment – A deadly trend…

Two entirely unconnected news stories last week threw into sharp relief the ongoing and inexcusable disparity in the industry’s attitude to health and safety and its willingness to avoid a minor risk whilst allowing a greater risk to flourish On Thursday last week, we reported that the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) had…Read moreRead more

Comment – Demolition cannot, MUST NOT be rushed

Lets begin with the good news. Nine UK demolition companies have been confirmed on the framework that will demolish the former steelworks at Redcar ahead of the construction of a GE Renewables wind turbine blade factory. The list of the nine firms selected is an impressive mix of the justifiably predictable and the pleasingly local…Read moreRead more

Comment – Two nations divided by a single aim

How can the American authorities investigate, prosecute and close a fatal industrial accident in 17 months while, 63 months later, a UK investigation into a similar incident remains ongoing with no end in sight? Take two power plant collapses. In one, two men are tragically killed. It would take a month – including Christmas and the…Read moreRead more

Comment – A tragedy compounded…

Teenage worker dies from injuries sustained in accident that killed his father. So here we are again then, reporting upon yet another double death within the UK construction industry. One death is bad. Two deaths are terrible. The fact that, in this instance, we’re talking about a father and son makes this even more tragic….Read moreRead more

Comment – Tarred with the biggest brush…

Before I begin, it is important that I preface what is about to follow by saying that I am a huge fan of The Construction Index web portal. I read it pretty much every day. I have known David Taylor, the author of the article I am about to mention, (which you can read here)…Read moreRead more

Comment – Surprised by the unsurprising

I bought my previous house “off-plan”. When I paid the not insubstantial deposit, my “house” was an artist’s impression in a glossy brochure, and a plot of muddy Earth. When we finally moved in, ours was the first house to be occupied on our road. It would be three weeks until we had a functional…Read moreRead more

Comment – A demolition super league…?

Assuming you haven’t been living in a cave for the past 24-36 hours, you will know that media outlets are falling over themselves to criticise all those involved in a proposed breakaway European football league. That co-called European Super League will see some of the continent’s biggest teams abandoning national competition in favour of a…Read moreRead more

Messe Munchen memories

Two years ago this week, just as I was leaving the Messe Munchen exhibition centre in Munich, Germany, my son Fred took the photo below. As it was designed purely for social media purposes, it was staged, posed and very intentionally branded. With the passage of time, it has also become poignant. Moments before this…Read moreRead more

Why the industry NEEDS more women

If you’re reading this on Monday 8 March as intended, then you are reading this on International Women’s Day. Now you might think that the very notion of a day set aside to empower women, to celebrate their accomplishments, and to challenge gender stereotypes is strange and even archaic. After all, the UK has now…Read moreRead more

Comment – Gender imbalance begins at home…

Here in the UK, when schoolchildren turn 14 they are expected to make an educational decision that could shape their future careers and even lives. They are required to select which lessons and classes they wish to pursue; and which they wish to abandon for their final years in high school. This is known colloquially…Read moreRead more