C&D Renamed and Reframed

C&D Demolition Consultants, one of the world’s best-known and most respected industry consultancies, is to change its name to better reflect its broader and more comprehensive service offering.

Commencing 1 January 2023, the company will be known as C&D Engineering Consultants.

Fresh back from the beginning of the company’s most prestigious overseas contract to date, Managing Director Mike Kehoe say that this is more of a reframing than a renaming.

“Over the past two decades or more, C&D has established itself as a major force in the field of demolition consultancy. We have a number of loyal and long-term clients in the demolition sphere. We are proud of our accomplishments within the demolition industry and it remains an integral and important part of our business,” he explains. “But we are more than just a demolition consultancy these days. Our growth and diversification has taken us into entirely new areas of business, from mainstream construction to the nuclear sector where we currently have four live projects underway.”

That growth and diversification is reflected not just in the name of the business but in its very make-up.

“We now have a larger, dedicated consultancy team to assist our clients across all sectors.,” Kehoe continues. And we have directly employed our own construction professionals to further enhance our service offering to those clients.”

Mike Kehoe believes that the reframing and renaming of C&D is in keeping with changes within the wider sector.

“We have seen many of our demolition clients diversify into areas of construction and nuclear decommissioning and we have accompanied them on that journey. We have also seen construction clients taking a greater interest in demolition and its ability to set the sustainability standard for an entire project from the very outset,” he explains. “We are, of course, keen to retain the C&D name started by previous owner John Woodward and the reputation that now goes along with that name. But C&D Engineering Consultants better reflects our business and the business of our growing client base today.”