Already a winning team…

Two important flights are scheduled to leave the UK bound for Hamad International Airport in Qatar this week.

The first will carry a team of highly-paid yet mostly unproven football players who are scheduled to take part in perhaps the most controversial World Cup in history. Whether they can win remains to be seen.

The other team heading for Qatar has already won. They have done so in far less controversial circumstances and without the aid of VAR, penalties or questionable refereeing decisions.

Mike Kehoe and Matthew Bardgett of C&D Demolition Consultants are about to start work as the lead demolition consultant on the Nikilat Superyacht Building in Doha, Qatar. The demolition follows a fire in 2019 that partially destroyed the Superyacht shed including, three super yachts that were in the building.

The shipyard fire damaged the 80 metre OCEANCO Constellation, the 52 metre CRN Maracunda, and the 36 metre Riva Al Adaid, all three of which were docked at the time of the accident. Preliminary estimates suggested that the cost of the damage was in the region of $60 million.

Award-winning C&D will be working alongside government authorities, forensic scientists and engineers ascertain the cause of the initial fire.

Although C&D Demolition Consultants has already won, Mike Kehoe says that there are certain similarities between the challenge facing his team and the challenge facing the England World Cup Squad.

“We have analysed the challenge lying ahead of us and we have assembled the best possible team to meet that challenge,” Kehoe says. “Like Gareth Southgate and his men, we know that we will be under intense scrutiny too.”

But that’s where the similarities end. While the England team already has a variety of potential excuses to use should they fall short in their attempt to win the Jules Rimet trophy, C&D Demolition Consultants have no such contingency.

“We can’t blame the heat, poor refereeing or injuries,” Kehoe concludes. “Come what may, we must perform to the very best of our abilities.”

While it remains to be seen if the England squad can truly compete on the world stage, C&D Demolition Consultants have already proven their global status.