Didcot – No news is bad news…

In a little over five weeks, the demolition industry will mark the sixth anniversary of the Didcot Disaster in which four demolition workers were killed.

In light of the intransigence of the investigating authorities and the ongoing lack of resolution, DemolitionNews has used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain an update from Thames Valley Police (a similar request to the HSE is still in process).

The update, provided by Thames Valley Police media officer Gareth Ford-Lloyd reads as follows:

Thames Valley Police continues to lead a joint investigation between ourselves and the Health and Safety Executive after four men died following the partial collapse at Didcot Power Station on 23 February 2016, which was launched immediately following the incident.

We continue to investigate corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter and Health and Safety offences. We also maintain close contact with the Crown Prosecution Service, providing them with regular updates on the investigation.

We retain regular proactive contact with the families through our dedicated Family Liaison Officers who are there for the families if they wish to ask anything about the investigation. In addition to this the SIO and his management team provide regular updates to the ​family in person or online. Updates have been provided by the investigation team on an agreed periodic basis, or where there is a significant update to provide. We also maintain regular contact with the Crown Prosecution Service with updates on the investigation.

At this time it is not possible for us to put a specific timeframe for the investigation to be completed. The dedicated investigation team will continue their work to ensure a thorough investigation is completed in the interests of justice and to deliver answers for the family.