Didcot – Police remain non-committal…

Thames Valley Police issue statement on 5th anniversary of Didcot Disaster.

Thames Valley Police, the police authority responsible for investigating the cause of the Didcot A Power Station collapse in which four demolition workers were killed in 2016, have paid tribute to those who died in the incident.

“…Today marks the fifth anniversary of the partial collapse at Didcot Power Station, which happened on the 23 February 2016. Four men died following the collapse.

Thames Valley Police Deputy Chief Constable Jason Hogg, said: “Our thoughts as always remain with the family and friends of Michael Collings, Ken Cresswell, Christopher Huxtable and John Shaw, who lost their lives following the partial collapse at the Didcot A Power Station. Five years have passed since the incident which claimed these men’s lives. As from day one we continue to investigate with the same focus, dedication, and a commitment to find out what led to the deaths of the four men and obtain answers for their families.

Our joint investigation with the Health and Safety Executive, led by Thames Valley Police, continues to look at corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter and Health and Safety offences. We maintain close contact with the families through our family liaison officers, providing them with regular updates on the status of the investigation. We also maintain contact with the Crown Prosecution Service, to provide them with updates on the case. “I would like to pay tribute to the men who lost their lives as well as their families for showing such resolve over the years that have passed. We remain unfaltering in our duty to fully investigate the collapse at Didcot…”