Ladies light it up…

“Your go-code will be, ‘light it up, ladies.”

The latest explosive demolition has taken place at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona. And this time, it had a feminine touch.

Three minutes before the explosion, Dykon Blasting CFO Steve Hatch instructed Julie Elliott, SRP Major Projects Contracts Manager, and Roseanna Navarro, SRP Rotational Engineer, to compress the two fire buttons simultaneously. Gary Barras, SRP Director of Special Projects, surprised them with the distinction of setting off the blast.

“When we drove up here, Gary said, ‘Oh, by the way, Julie, you’ve got to get dressed because you’re going to come do this,” Elliott said.

Next came the marine horn three-minute warning. “Your go-code will be, ‘Light it up, ladies,” Ron Gilbert, Dykon’s Vice President of Operations, told the women.

After the one-minute warning came the countdown and call from Gilbert — “Fire in the hole!” — followed by the go-code to blast away.

“It was awesome,” Navarro said. “I didn’t think we’d have that opportunity.”

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