A half century of kindness…

Former NFDC chaplain marks 50 years as an ordained priest.

I am a man without religion or spirituality of any kind. But I like to think that I can sense the fundamental goodness and kindness of a person.

Father Denis McGillycuddy is one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met.

He is the parish priest at St Edward church in Birmingham. I have never been.

But our paths crossed when McGillycuddy was named as chaplain of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors. As a result, I got to spend some time in his company at various NFDC functions both here and overseas.

I also had the privilege of interviewing the man known in UK demolition circles simply as “Father Denis”. And he never let my lack of faith stand in the way.

So, on the day that marks the 50th anniversary of his ordainment, I have burrowed through the Demolition News Towers’ archives to find that interview.

You can read it here.