CITB head stepping down…

CEO to leave embattled training board in New Year.

Sarah Beale, Chief Executive of CITB, has given notice of her resignation which will come into effect from September 2021.

She has served as CEO since January 2017, having previously held a range of senior leadership positions at the organisation over the past 16 years.

Sarah, CITB’s first female CEO, led the training body through a major, successful transformation programme, Vision 2020. It saw CITB shift from direct provision of a range of commercial services towards delivering strategic outcomes for the whole construction industry. This was achieved through improving influence at government level, introducing a new governance structure and increasing the return and impact from the Levy.

Sarah played a pivotal role in protecting hundreds of apprentices who had lost their jobs due to the collapse of Carillion in January 2018. This year she led a rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic, making a series of difficult decisions which have been welcomed by industry – protecting apprenticeships and prioritising direct funding for employers, while helping businesses’ cash flow by agreeing an unprecedented ‘Levy holiday’. During her tenure she has promoted the value and importance of diversity and inclusivity.

In order to ensure delivery of CITB’s current plans, provide leadership and stability through these challenging times and make sure that the organisation is in the strongest possible position to move forward, Sarah will be staying on until September 2021.