Helping demolition workers find a new role…

Relaunching Demolition Jobs in the industry’s hour of need.

The Coronavirus, a prolonged lockdown and widespread economic uncertainty have had a major impact upon employment in the UK demolition industry. As a result, we have seen a marked increase in the number of trained, qualified, experienced and competent UK demolition workers now seeking alternative employment.

Much as we did in the 2008/09 recession, DemolitionNews is going to help.

We have set in place a system that will allow UK demolition workers to advertise their availability to work 100% FREE OF CHARGE. All those workers need to do is to complete a very simple registration form that can be FOUND HERE.

We will then make those details available to ALL UK demolition contractors in the hope that we can match a workers’ skills with a contractor’s employee needs.

So, if you’re a UK demolition worker seeking work, please FILL IN THE REGISTRATION FORM HERE.

The creation and running of the all-new Demolition Jobs system is going to cost money. So we are calling on UK demolition contractors to help us get this up and running and to keep it running for the duration of the current crisis.

We have set up a Demolition Jobs “tier” on our Patreon page. And we are asking those demolition companies that can afford to do so to make a small ($10.00/month) contribution to the running of this system. You can find the page here. Alternatively, if any UK demolition companies wish to make a one-off contribution to the Demolition Jobs initiative, then please call Mark Anthony on Tel: 07973 465166.

It is vital that we retain skilled workers during this unprecedented period and I sincerely hope that we can all pull together to make this happen.