STOP! Multi-hammer time

ProWaste unveils interesting alternative to excavator and breaker combo.

Demolition men and women of a certain vintage might recall the Arrow Breaker. I distinctly remember reporting on one of these machines way back in the late 1980s. It was only relatively recently that my ears finally stopped ringing having stood a little too close!

Well that technology has re-emerged in the shape of a new Multi-Hammer machine that is currently available to hire from ProWaste.

DemolitionNews was fortunate enough to be granted an opportunity to film the machine in action. And while it is not the answer to all demolition tasks, this new unit unquestionably gets the job done.

In the application shown in the video (below), it was breaking a slab of 250 mm in depth; and it was doing it with considerable ease. The broken concrete left in the machine’s wake is easily dug and loaded by an excavator equipped with a standard digging bucket.

According to ProWaste, the machine will break slab of up to 350 mm in depth. The company also claims that it is capable of breaking up to 7,000 square metres in a single working day. And, having seen the machine in action, it looked more than capable of that level of production.

You can check out the machine in this EXCLUSIVE new video.