Dig Deep for Shannon

On Tuesday last week, a young demolition worker – Shannon Brasier – was seriously injured on a demolition site here in the UK.

The circumstances surrounding that incident – frankly – are irrelevant right now. In fact, there are only two things that matter right now: Shannon making a full and speedy recovery; and providing some financial assistance to her family.

A GoFundMe page has already been established by Shannon’s friends and family – If you click on the DIG DEEP FOR SHANNON banner at the foot of the page, you will be taken directly to that page.

I realise that none of us is exactly rolling in cash right now following the COVID-19 lockdown. But demolition folk are famously generous. So if you can spare a few pounds, dollars or Euros, then please do so.

But there’s more. I am hosting our long-overdue BIG GIVEAWAY LiveStream at 6pm (UK time) on Wednesday this week. I am hoping to use that opportunity to raise more funds for this worthy and urgent cause.

If you’re near a computer or a mobile device on Wednesday, I hope you will join us for a mini-Telethon.

Finally – for now at least – DemolitionNews is donating the profits from all its book sales registered in the month of August 2020 to the fund. So if you buy a copy of My Dad Does Demolition, Renaissance: Why JCB is the Apple of the Digger World, or Demolition 2051 from Amazon between now and 31 August, the profits will go direct to the Shannon fund.

We can all worry about how the accident happened, employer insurances and health and safety investigations somewhere down the line. For now, there is a young girl fighting for her life and a distraught family in need.

So, as it says below: DIG DEEP FOR SHANNON.