Calls for whisteblower hotline intensifies…

HSE urged to set up COVID-19 concern call service.

Whistleblowers must be supported to prevent workplaces from seriously undermining efforts to stop COVID-19 transmission, safety campaigners have warned.

The Hazards Campaign has asked the Health and Safety Executive to set up an anonymous hotline for workers to get advice and report poor workplace hygiene and non-compliance of the two-metre social distancing.

They are also urging that all COVID-19 serious illness and deaths of workers be reported and investigated under RIDDOR.

On 2 April, HSE told the Hazards Campaign that workers must go through the usual complaints procedure by notifying their line manager of their concerns. Safety campaigners have long held serious concerns about this method of raising H&S issues even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, but say the issue is now even more urgent.

However, there does appear to be a method of bypassing management and confidentially reporting directly to HSE on its website here.

HSE refused to comment on whether it had changed tack but the guidance on the webpage does not say employees first have to raise concerns with management.

Hazards Campaign is urging workers to report using this form but is still pushing for an anonymous telephone line to give help and advice.

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