Give it away…

…give it away, give it away now.

No, this post isn’t just a cheesy way in which to insert Red Hot Chilli Peppers lyrics into an otherwise staid website.

We all know only too well the situation facing us all. We know that a good many hard-working demolition men and women have been – temporarily, at least – robbed of the job that puts food on the table and which usually structures their day. And we know only too well just how mind-numbingly tedious daytime TV can be.

And so, in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have opened up virtually our entire back catalogue of magazines, supplements, books, videos and audio shows. There are one or two books – My Dad Does Demolition, Demolition 2051, and Renaissance: Why JCB is the Apple of the Digger World – that are under exclusive contract with Amazon so we have no way of making these free at this time.

However, EVERYTHING else is now free for you to read, watch and listen to until all this blows over. So go make yourself a cup of tea and make a start on this little lot:

Magazines & Supplements
Every edition of Demolition magazine is available here. This link also takes you to all our magazine supplements for a total of more than 40 publications.

The Girl in the Green Coat – Demolition ghost story
The Japanese Way – Looking back at a demolition trip to the Land of the Rising Sun
How to shoot demolition using a smartphone – Take better photos, and shoot better films
Instagram Impact – How to grow your following on Instagram
Taking YouTube to another level – How to grow your audience on YouTube

DemolitionNews YouTube channel – Hours of demolition in action
Demolition TV YouTube series – Two full series of demolition news, views and action
Demolition Daily – COVID-19 daily LiveStream

Demolition News Radio – More than 200 episodes for your listening pleasure. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.