Making a mockery…

Failed implosion becomes Internet meme and mockery target.

A partial stand-up is the explosive demolition engineer’s worst nightmare; their fallibility laid bare for the watching world to see. But thanks to the inexorable rise and unforgiving humour on social media, that nightmare just got a whole lot worse.

Having already endured for more than a week the ignominy of a portion of an 11-storey tower block that failed to abide by the combined laws of physics and gravity, the demolition team behind “The Leaning Tower of Dallas” have found themselves being mocked on Twitter by the building itself.

A presumably local wag has created a Twitter profile called Leaning Tower of Dallas and is using it to poke fun at the failed attempts to bring the building down. “You may take my life Lloyd D Nabors,” the Twitter feed goads. “But you’ll never take my soul. Better bring more than this guy and his tiny ball next time.”

Meanwhile, the ongoing attempts to fell the structure have ensured that the project has remained at the centre of the local news feed for more than a week.