Our survey said…

The results from our Demolition Challenges 2020 survey are IN!

Just as 2019 was drawing to a close, DemolitionNews conducted a survey to identify what the industry believed to be the biggest challenges that lie ahead in 2020.

The response to that survey was beyond our wildest expectations (which is why it has taken us a while to extrapolate and compile the results).

We had responses from 41 individual countries, hundreds of responses from the US, and the responses from the UK was equivalent to just under four fifths of all the active demolition companies identified in our latest Demolition Directory.

The results have now been compiled into a stand-alone publication that is as beautiful as it is insightful. The report shows that the greatest challenge facing demolition contractors in this New Year is expected to be actually winning work; while many respondents expressed fears over profit margins and the threat of late payments and poor cash-flow.

Perhaps surprisingly, particularly given the timing of the survey, just 0.7 percent of respondents actually mentioned the term “Brexit”, with far more people expressing concern over the loss of industry knowledge and experience through retirement, and the issue of convincing young people that demolition represents a viable career path.