Demolition magazine – Issue #32

A parting gift from us to you!

By the time you get to see this, the offices of will have closed for a two-week break in the sunshine. But we couldn’t leave you without some additional reading to get your teeth (eyes?) into. And so we are delighted to bring you the all-new Demolition magazine which is once again crammed to the rafters with everything you ever wanted to know about demolition but were afraid to ask.

We encourage you to read this edition for yourself. But there are a few specific highlights that we’d like to draw to your attention. These include a look at the HS2 project in the company of Erith Contractors, a visit to Greenwich with Sloane Demolition, an exclusive interview with the new president of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, and an interview with Mitch Cowart of Caterpillar who is leading the fight against operator fatigue and distraction. YOu can can go straight to these articles by clicking the relevant links.

But far better to fetch yourself a warm beverage, kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy the all-new Demolition magazine.