Demo Fist is a demo first

Ever wanted to punch through walls? Now you can!

The crowd-funding website Kickstarter is a strangle old place. For every mutli-million dollar idea that attracts its initial funding on the platform, there are literally hundreds of other ill-conceived ideas that will never make it off the drawing board: skateboards for the blind; hard hats made entirely from cheese; bicycles for fish (OK, I made up all of these but you get the picture).

Into this bizarre world where the sublime sits side-by-side with the ridiculous comes a new product idea called the Demo Fist. And I have got to be honest, the whole thing seems to extraordinary that it is difficult to tel whether its creators are determined to bring it to market or whether they’re just playing an elaborate joke upon us all.

What I would say, however, is that for all its unlikeliness, I would LOVE one, even if it was only used as a credit control last resort”!