Big bang beer…

US brewery creates beer to celebrate imminent implosion.

At site level, beer and demolition don’t mix (although what demolition men and women do out of hours is their own business). But that hasn’t stopped a US brewery using an imminent implosion to ensure that its new beer really goes with a bang.

Later this week, Controlled Demolition Inc (CDI) will carry out the explosive demolition of Martin Tower in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And locally-based Bethlehem Brew Works has released a special beer for the occasion.

According to the company, “this is a one off special beer for a really unique event. Pale malt is combined with Munich malts and an implosive amounts of fruity hops: Huell Melon, Chinook, Mandarina Bavaria, Nugget, and Calypso.” I personally have no idea what any of that means but I am sure it will prove popular with throat-bearded hipsters and craft beer enthusiasts alike.

What is likely to broaden its appeal, however, is the ingredient that gives the implosion pale ale its necessary bang. The beer is fermented with watermelon-flavoured Jolly Rancher candy and decorated with “Watermelon Pop Rocks”.

As the company says: “Like the tower coming down… this is a seriously intense experience. Enjoy the crisp sip of freshly tapped beer with the extra sensation of POPPING CANDY. This only happens once, don’t miss it!”