The Gold Standard…

Demolition magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary with suitably subtle new issue.

It is five years since we unveiled the first-ever edition of the Demolition magazine. It was created in a fit of pique and – as a result – with a degree of haste. But we had done our homework. We recognised that by harnessing social media, we could reach a global audience. We knew that by utilising video (and, later, audio) we could increase the value we could deliver to readers. We knew that by drawing content from across international borders and from within and without the sector’s various trade bodies whilst fiercely defending our independence, we could help increase the sum of industry knowledge. And, perhaps more than anything else, we knew that demolition is just the job that demolition people do but it is not what defines them as individuals.

So we eschewed the usual “big digger” front covers favoured by our rivals. We regularly included “lifestyle” articles on cars, technology and clothing. We were the first to address the issue of mental health awareness (including the provision of free advertising for the Mates in Mind charity that does such sterling work in this sector). We were the first to feature smaller and even start-up demolition contractors because we firmly believe that they too should have a voice. And we were unabashed in offering our opinions upon the issues facing the industry at large.

Here we are five years later. The original “strictly black” front cover has this time given way to a gold one to mark our fifth anniversary. If that seems immodest, then you clearly haven’t been watching us closely enough!