A fine Fellow…

David Sinclair adds yet another accolade to his unrivalled collection.

In one of his last acts as outgoing president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE), Erith Contractors’ David Darsey awarded industry veteran David Sinclair with an Honorary Fellowship of the IDE.

It is another well-deserved plaudit for the Scot who has enjoyed a successful demolition career on both sides of the Atlantic and who now surely holds a record for the greatest number of accolades this industry has bestowed upon a single person.

He is Honorary Life Vice President of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, Honorary Life Vice President of the European Demolition Association, and a Member of European Federation of Explosives Engineers. Back in 2011, he was also appointed as Demolition Engineer to the United Nations.

Sinclair is a well known demolition industry veteran who has international experience in all aspects of demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures. He is presently retained as technical director and Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the decommissioning and demolition department of Envirocon, Inc, a corporation working on projects throughout the USA where he now resides.