Audio – ScrapChat podcast goes live…

Demolition News Radio unveils fourth audio show.

It is just under a year since we launched the Demolition News Radio audio podcast. In that time, we have attracted well over 15,000 listeners; seen our audio output appear on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and a whole host of other podcast broadcast platforms; and we have launched several new dedicated shows.

We started with our monthly Business Briefing which we produce in conjunction with market intelligence provider The Builders’ Conference. That show looks back over the previous month’s new contract awards in the demolition and construction sectors, and charts the industry’s fortunes based upon the value of those new contract awards. WE followed up with The Birth of a Demolition Company, a show that charts the fortunes of b-line demolition as the company takes its first tentative steps on the path to demolition glory.

Yet there was still room for more. In truth, I would love to produce a show dedicated to the asbestos sector that sits alongside demolition in so many ways. I am also determined to produce a regular training show to monitor the constant shifts in cards and competence schemes, training courses and qualifications.

But at the very top of our priority list was the scrap sector. The scrap industry is not only inexorably linked with the demolition business, but the prices offered by scrap dealers to demolition contractors for various types of scrap metals can be the difference between a good contract and a great one; between profit and loss.

And so, we have today launched the fourth show in the Demolition News Radio network: ScrapChat.

Given the time and expertise required to make ScrapChat a reality, we needed a partner; a partner with an expertise in the scrap metal industry but with an understanding of the needs and demands of the demolition sector. And we found the perfect partner is Matthew High who works for Downwell Demolition but who – in his spare time – created the website to help demolition contractors and members of the public find the nearest location to dispose of scrap metal and to obtain the best possible price in the process.

If you haven’t yet checked out the show, you can listen (or, better still, subscribe) via more than a dozen podcast platforms. Just search for Demolition News Radio. Alternatively, if you’re an iOS user, you can visit and listen now.