Open letter from Dr Demolition…

Former IDE president calls for candidates for foundation degree in demolition management.

It is not often that the UK demolition industry can claim to be a world beater without fear of contradiction. In the Institute’s Foundation Degree we can truly make such a statement for never before has this level of academic learning, which is offered to all comers, been available for such a low price and within everyone’s budget.

The foundation degree is fully grant funded by ConstructionSkills to enable the full cost of the course to be met by them. The course consists of 12 modules delivered over two semesters. This works out at one classroom day a month from October through to April meaning all summer off.

If you are considering joining or know of someone that can benefit from this opportunity consider this;

  1. There is nowhere else that is offering this level of understanding
  2. This course covers every aspect of the activities of the demolition industry
  3. The course is to be delivered in industrial speak by demolition practitioners
  4. It is fully funded and requires only that the candidate commit to attending
  5. Because it covers all demolition activities you do not need to be an expert in anything
  6. It is therefore perfect for non-practitioners as well as demolition professionals
  7. You cannot get this level of insight into how the demolition industry operates anywhere else
  8. Once achieved you get 250 education credits from the University of Wolverhampton towards a BSc top up degree, another world first
  9. You become the holder of the world’s first accredited Foundation Degree in demolition Management endorsed by a higher Education Faculty
  10. If you want to get a better understanding of what happens on and off site, how decisions are made, methodology’s determined, plant and equipment usage, how structural engineering assists and contract law dictates. What are you waiting for? It’s all in these 12 modules on offer

Visit the IDE website for full details today and sign up or recommend a friend or colleague do so. Thanks for listening.

Terry Quarmby