Keane to help…

Former NFDC president returns to steady ship.

In the latest twist in the ongoing saga at the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, former president David Keane has stepped in as acting president, taking up the tiller until the next annual general meeting in March 2019.

The Federation’s presidency was thrown into turmoil earlier this year when Paul Brown was forced to step down when his employment with an NFDC member company came to an end. In a hastily agreed solution, Brown’s vice president Martin O’Donnell and second vice president Holly Bennet were to share the role until the 2019 AGM.

But as we reported just a few weeks ago, with the acquisition of Martin O’Donnell’s company KDC Contractors by Veolia, O’Donnell questioned whether he too might fall foul of the Federation rule that saw his predecessor ousted.

Although the obtuse nature of the statement issued by the NFDC in the wake of yesterday’s National Council meeting makes it impossible to tell if O’Donnell will be permitted to stand as president, it is clear that the presidential mantle will be temporarily taken up by David Keane who last wore the chains of office way back in 2001.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve as Acting President of the NFDC in the interim until the next AGM on 8th March 2019,” Keane says. “I will be supported by Martin O’Donnell and second vice president Holly Price both of whom have done an outstanding job for the Federation since their appointment.”

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